Michael Moore is a self-taught artist who makes interesting things from wood. His mother-in-law gave him a scroll saw for his birthday one year, saying that he worked too hard and needed to learn to relax. She then gave him The Big Book of Scroll Saw Designs (which he still has) and told him she wanted 20 presents by Christmas - and he has been making sawdust ever since. Michael has been creating and selling art and craft items at street festivals, Renaissance Festivals, Comic Cons, and art galleries for over 25 years.

While he has a full woodworking shop with a full range of big boy toys, the heart of his shop is the scroll saw. With a powerful scroll saw and tiny blades, Michael creates a complete range of hand crafted wood items from craft type fan-based art to finely cut framed art. Michael's fine art pieces require hours of meticulous, precise cutting on the scroll saw to create intricate works of art from simple pieces of wood.


I create art - Portraits, Landscapes, Wildlife, Fantasy, Fandom and Native American - from wood. I use various types of wood ranging from 1/8th inch plywood to 3/4 inch solid hardwood.

All of my art is cut with old fashioned hand eye coordination using tiny blades on my favorite tool, a DeWalt 788 Scroll Saw.

Newly cut pieces are finely sanded and then finished with an oil, enamel or paint as is appropriate for the piece.

Finished pieces can be purchased as follows:

  • Matted - ready to be framed.
  • Matted and Framed - ready to be hung.
  • Or Free Standing - ready to be hung without being framed.